WiFi Hotspot as Router

Hello, DietPi community. I hope everyone is doing well.

Firstly, let me say that my experience with DietPi has been much more enjoyable than with Raspbian. This operating system is awesome! Thank you!

I am contacting you today because I am curious about the single board computers that have two ethernet ports, instead of just the one, such as the NanoPi R1, NanoPi R2S, and the NanoPi R4S. When installing the WiFi Hotspot software, what happens to the extra ethernet port? Can another device connect to that extra ethernet port and have internet access, essentially turning the original device into a router? If not, I think it would be worthwhile if it did and perhaps something we can work on together. Thank you.

Respect and gratitude,


at the moment DietPi Hotspot installation require a Ethernet as well as a WiFi adapter. This is a hard-coded requirement for time being. With our scripts a 2nd Ethernet adapter is not foreseen. Yes its not ideal and we are aware if this. Changing the behaviour require a larger rework on our config scripts. Something that might happen in future but not on short notice

However you could configure the 2nd Ethernet port your self.

If not, I think it would be worthwhile if it did and perhaps something we can work on together.

What exactly you mean by this? Do you like support on coding/development? If yes, I would recommend to check with our developer MichaIng to align bevor hand.

Hello Joulinar,

Thank you for your quick reply. Good to know that I can configure the 2nd ethernet port myself, but how do I do that? Google searching only leads to a bunch of technical Linux stuff that frankly, I don’t understand. Your guidance will be most appreciated. Thank you.

Respect and Gratitude,

PS: As much as I would like to be a developer, I am not qualified. While I am willing to learn, unless @Michaing is willing to take on noobs, I’m afraid I don’t think I will be of much help.

well I don’t have boards with 2 Ethernet adapter. Therefore I’m not really able to assist on this. I wouldn’t do anything lese using a web search engine :slight_smile:

You can try to search for “network bridge debian” as what you want to do is to bridge the wireless interface with an ethernet port.