Wifi drivers to dongle Edimax EW-7811UTC

Hi, I need drivers to my dongle, But I don’t know anything about compile.
There are a guide step by step for noobs to compile this driver?

EW-7811UTC_UAC_DAC_USC_Linux_Driver_1.0.2.8.zip (2.77 MB)
EW-7811UTC_GPL_1.0.1.6(1).zip (3.01 MB)
Old Guide



not sure if we could help on this. I don’t think there is someone on this board who is using such dongle. But the guide should work because DietPi is nothing else than some scripts on top of a Raspberry OS. But it might be needed to install some additional packages. So you could try installing Build-Essentials (ID 16) from dietpi-software as a stating point. Maybe you will be faced by some issues while compiling about missing other packages. :wink:

Thanks, when I try I will ask if I am finding faults.