WIFI consistantly stops working after a few re-boots

Raspberry Pi 4:

I’ve done several fresh installs and, without fail, after a couple of days of running and rebooting here and there, I’ll get an SSH failure. I’ll go to the Pi itself and hook up a monitor and sure enough, there’s no Wifi.

In config, it’s enabled and still has the network name and password stored.

Eventually, my intent is to put this thing near my router and have Wifi disabled and run it over the Ethernet cable, but I can’t get it configured enough to make that move so far.

Is there a setting or something that I’m missing?

About the only troubleshooting I know to do is to disable then enable Wifi then re-scan for the network, which does nothing and I’ve installed RaspberryPi OS and verified I cannot make the wifi fail in the same way.


once WiFi stopped, you could have a look to kernel error messages and journalctl

dmesg -l err,crit,alert,emerg

As well, did you set Auto Reconnect : [On] inside dietpi-config WiFi settings inside?