Wifi AP

I need setup Wifi as hotspot. I cant setup this. Anybody can help me?
I use Orange Pi zero
my cart wifi working as AP
i nedd : dhcp on Wifi, dns localy to using dns from (ethernet or LTE)
and some other setup.

Meybe ny tutorial? I change /etc/network/interfaces to interfaces.hostapd but i lost my eth0 connection.

Please help me


Did you try installing WiFi hotspot in DietPi-Software? This will setup a WiFi hotspot for you automatically. However, you will need to return /etc/network/interfaces to its previous state before you replaced with interfaces.hostapd

I install this but nothing hapened.
When I go to setup wifi (Navigate to Networking Options: Adapters) i canot setup nothing.
dhcp not working

generaly nothing happened. Only i see iw list working
iwconfig show is enabled and … nothing more

I reset all my settings. put dietpi on SD card 8GiB. OrangePiZero

What I need:
similar router with normal ssh+bash+backup, and some programs.

my network is from router eth0
I need change dhcp connection to static
eth0 =
I need AP Wifi with WPSK-2 wlan0
(with dhcp in wlan0 for more than one users trought wifi and mascarade for using internet trought wifi too)

i update normal process. DietPi-Update
Mode: Completed

[Info] Current Version : 146
[Info] Server Version : 146
[Ok] Update completed

enter to DietPi-config->Network Options → Wifi
enable WiFi (WiFi must be enabled before settings can be changed)

i add in software Software Optimized → [*] 60 WiFi Hotspot: turn your device into a wifi hotspot
but show only this
and nothing more.

What next? What i must write in Wireless Network Options to starting my AP with dhcp

It may be the OPi Zero WiFi needs additional configuration, or, isnt compatible in AP mode. I’ll take a look:


Workaround/Fix is here, we need to bring up the adapter a second time during boot (known issue on OPi Zero WiFi):

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