wifi adapter is not up


i have installed nzyme on my rpi4 4Gb.
It works great with DietPi Buster.
There are 4 wifi adapters connected.
But there is one problem.
After booting, the wifi adapters are not active.
I always have to activate it with 4 commands:

sudo ip link set STICK01 up
sudo ip link set STICK02 up
sudo ip link set STICK03 up
sudo ip link set STICK04 up

Until the next restart, the wifi adapters will work correctly in monitor mode.
The wifi adapters are integrated using udev rules.

Is there another way under DietPi to start the wifi adapter automatically after booting?

Best regards, Carsten


basically you put your commands into a shell script and have these script started as systemd service.

Thank you for your answer. I’ve already thought in this direction. I will try my luck. :wink: