Why redis, php, mysql, httpd are installed by default ?


Why the following software are installed by default ?

 │    [*] 82   LLMP: lighttpd | mariadb | php                                                                     │
 │    [*] 84   Lighttpd: webserver                                                                                      │
 │    [*] 88   MariaDB: database                                                                                        │
 │    [*] 89   PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor for dynamic web content                                  │
 │    [*] 91   Redis: optional non-sql database store



well on a new installations, these software title are not installed by default. But they are installed along with NextCloud. If I’m not mistaken you selected NextCloud according this post. https://dietpi.com/forum/t/cannot-launch-htop-from-desktop-or-others-shortcuts/4875/3

Many thanks.

Suggestion: That would be great to have a command such as “dietpi-software list dependency” to show such a dependencies tree