Why 2 users in dietpi?

Hi, as we know there are 2 login users available in dietpi - root and dietpi. What is the reason for that? Also, is any one of them recommended over the other for desktop login and/or CLI login?


root is the user name / account of the build in user that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system. This is the ultimate super user.

dietpi is the non-root default user in DietPi that can use sudo to execute powerful commands. Asa well dietpi group will be used to share file system access between different application

Thanks for the response. Is there any recommendation, on which user to choose for Automatic login, to one of the desktop(LXDE) I’ve installed?

usually user dietpi should not be able to run a desktop. but you can give it a try.

usermod -aG video,input dietpi is required at least. But best in this case is to use the LightDM login mask and the login with any custom user. If I’m not wrong, LightDM can autologin internally as well. Best is actually to create an own login user and grant it the required permissions for daily usage.

It’s somewhere on the ToDo do actually remove the dietpi user (only leave the system group for shared service access) and instead have an option to create an own custom login user with selectable permissions on first (root) login.