Which SBCs Support SSD/HDD/M.2 booting with Dietpi

I currently have an Odroid n2 for a couple years with dietpi running and an external hdd with the userdata. It was a good setup for 2 years but now I was looking to setup my device to boot and run from the hdd without the need for a micro sd card for performance and reliability concerns. After long research and alot of googling I was unsuccessful in booting directly from the drive. So my question is, is there a list of sbcs that we know of that do support booting DietPi directly from an SSD/HDD without the need for a micro sd card. As I will looking to purchase something with that capability. Thanks.

For reference i attempted to follow James A. Chamber’s Odroid ns guide located here: ODROID N2+ Petitboot SSD Boot Guide - James A. Chambers . And while research came across alot of issues with ssd booting on the Dietpi github, i understand its a work in progress. Maybe we can make a list of comparing which Sbcs support SSD/HDD/M.2 booting with dietpi, if there isnt already, with tutorials and guides attached contributed by the community, for the community.

This basically has nothing to do with DietPi. It’s the SBC themselves which needs to support USB boot. For sure modern Raspberry Pi support USB boot ootb.