Which one board computer?

I’m looking for one board computer for DietPi, minimal features:
-1Gbps lan
-fast processor
I will install pihole or AdGuard plus DHCP server.
Should be very fast. Think so, even one or two cores, but very fast should be fine.
Some advices?

Many thanks,

A rpi zero w or similiar SBCs should do the job without problems.

Yes for PiHole even the Pi Zero should be fine. But actually you would need to check what SBCs are available on the market. Usually there are sold out or very expensive.

I would recommend Radxa’s RockPiS.

I am a new user to DietPi. Installed it on RockPiS two days back. Had no issues installing it. DietPi dashboard is stunningly beautiful!

You can buy it from here based on your location:


If I remember it right, pihole comes with its own DHCP Server which will make it easy.

Hope this helps.

PiHole as well as AGH have a DHCP functionality.

Thanks for sharing. Will there be any conflict if I install adguard along with Pihole on the same machine ? or is it redundant ? (I am not planning to enable DHCP server on either of them as I use my home router for that surpose)

Yes, both are DNS server using the same port 53. Hence they are conflicting software title. As well, both do exactly the same, blocking Ads by filtering DNS request.

Ok. Got it. Thank you!

I have free Orange Pi One maybe this one could be fast enough for AdGuard and DHCP server?

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If it’s got 1GB RAM (and a quad core cpu) that’s plenty for AdGuard and DHCP Server. But even 512 MB model should be good enough.

As stated above. Even a Pi Zero would do. PiHole as well as AGH are having quite a small footprint.