Which image for Orange Pi 4 LTS

Just ordered The Orange Pi 4 LTS http://www.orangepi.org/html/hardWare/computerAndMicrocontrollers/details/orange-pi-4-LTS.html.
Which image is right for this baord.
RK3399, 3GB DDR4, 16 GB eMMC etc.
I see listed on the “Dietpi benchmsark cpu” chart a “Generic Rockchip RK3399”. Where can I find that image?

Would making my own Distribution be advised if there is no Dietpi image?
Roll your own

Welcome to our community.

We don’t have direct images for OrangePi.

Yes, that’s always an option if you are able to get a Debian or Armbian Bullseye up and running :slight_smile: At least you can give it a try.

Yep, Orange Pi has a Debian image for it, so I’ll start with that.


keep us posted on your progress.

While I am waiting for the OPi4LTS to be delivered in a couple days, I have been looking at some information. My intent in creating my own image is to:

  1. Burn the supplied Debian .img file to a TF card.
  2. Boot the system to the TF card, then copy the image to eMMC.
  3. Build the DietPi image on eMMC.

The question I have is: According to the users manual for this board, one of the first steps to copying the TF to eMMC is to format the eMMC. I have the option of 5 different formats: ext2/3/4, f2fs, and btrfs.
Is there any preference for one of these over the other if I am going to be converting the image to DietPi?

It should be ext4 file system

Thanks, that’s what I was assuming but just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an advantage to one of the other file systems.

we use mainly ext4 for our images :slight_smile: