Which hardware recommendation for DietPi?

Hi, currently I’ve been testing dietpi with a repurposed qnap (intel celeron quad-core 2.0GHz x86_64) NAS. Though it seems over-kill for what I do (fairly simple headless home-server). I could easily sell the nas.

If you had the choice, which is the ideal hardware to run dietpi? I would need at least 4gb of memory, and have software running such as: Synchting; NFS; Rclone; Transmission; Tailscale; Restic (nightly backups to cloud); dietpi backups.

Or should I just stick with the nas?

Thanks for any advice.

I don’t think you will find a definitive answer. It depends on your own purpose and needs. You can continue to use your current system or you can use an SBC that offer direct support for connecting SSD/NVMe like an OrangePi 5 or new RPi5. Personally, I prefer a compact SBC with no external device attached. Another consideration would be power consumption. Does it matter or should it be economical.

I was thinking that I could do without needing an external device attached (and use NFS, to access a HD attached to a router running openwrt). And yes, energy efficiency is a concern since the homerserver is always on.

OrangePi 5 is quite a good device if you don’t like to use a mainstream RPi. Advantage of a RPI would be developer support compared to Chinese companies.

I have good experience with an older Banana Pi M1, several devices in the household are connected to WiFi and LAN, everything works very smoothly, a good and cheap alternative might be the NanoPi NEO3-LTS

The devices use so little energy that they can run 24/7