Which DietPi image for Banana Pi M2M Magic?

Hi, I’m trying to build a steno computer, similar to GitHub - Anodynous/stenogotchi: Portable stenography using Plover and bluetooth keyboard emulation on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, i.e. the BPI would emulate a BT keyboard.
As hardware, I got a Banana Pi BPI-M2M - Banana Pi Wiki and a 2.7" waveshare HAT.
I would love to install DietPi on it since it runs very well on my RPI 0W and because the headless installation should be relatively easy with the dietpi.txt; I cannot connect a monitor!
Which image I could use? I need WiFi, Bluetooth, e-paper support and a ssh server.
Thank you, Robert

It does not look like there is an image for this device. Your best bet might be trying to get Debian installed, and from there convert to DietPi with the script.

A complicating factor is that although Debian is noted as a supported distro in the device Wiki you linked to, there does not appear to be a pre-built image with an installer. There is a device tree blob noted for it here, but you would have to bootstrap it yourself.

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Yes there is no image available for Banana Pi. I found some older post and it looks support has been dropped years ago.