Where to download older versions?

Hi everybody!
Long time no see… Unfortunately I don’t have any DietPi supported boards anymore, so I’m not here very often.
Which brings me to this question: I have an OrangePi PC which had been running on DietPi v159 for a couple of years… until yesterday, when a sudden power surge probably corrupted my DietPi installation on this board.
So, is there any way to download that image again and make my OPi PC great again?
Thank you

We do not host those images anymore, as well those would be not recommended due to outdated kernel + Debian versions.

Best chance is to use our image preparation script. E.g. download and boot some 3rd party Debian-based image, then run:

bash -c "$(curl -sSfL 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MichaIng/DietPi/master/PREP_SYSTEM_FOR_DIETPI.sh')"

Reboot, and you should have an updated clean DietPi system. Report back if you face any issues, since there are hard to estimate pre-image setups that can lead to failures.

Oh, ok. That’s sad. I had kept an image file of that version but it went lost due to a hard drive fault. :frowning:
Will Armbian work with the script above?
Thank you

Jep, IMO the best base image.

Would be nice to keep an archive of old milestone versions!

We keep older images usually for a while, until the new ones have been proven to boot reliable. As long as hardware-wise nothing changes, the boot behaviour logically cannot change as well.

Software changes are done by the dietpi-update. If this causes issues, then only in strange lucky circumstances they would not occur on first boot with older images, due to the forced update on first boot. Hence it does not make sense to keep older images for this reason only.

In case of OrangePi Banana Pi etc it was a special case that led to the radical decision to remove all Armbian-based images that time :wink:.
Re-adding them now would be too high effort with our limited contributors, however DietPi-PREP allows to create them relatively easily and I would consider adding them as community-created image if one wants to provide them.

Keeping older DietPi versions is also not a good idea since especially software installs require constant update according to upstream changes, same for Raspbian/Debian-wise OS changes. So config scripts and software installs are doomed to fail earlier or later with older DietPi versions. This does not mean that one can stay on an older version, when installs/configs have been done already.


This is an old thread but people will still land here from search engines, just like me :smiley:

You can download old versions of DietPi from the Wayback Machine.

See here:-https://web.archive.org/web/20180820095825/https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/

keep in mind, during first boot, DietPi will try to update to latest DietPi release.

keep in mind, during first boot, DietPi will try to update to latest DietPi release.

That is a nuisance, I am trying to resurrect a Raspberry Pi V1 model B.

Already tried loading the latest DietPi. During configuration it goes off looking for infinity!

An update for those trying to put DietPi on an old Raspberry Pi.

I loaded DietPi_v150_RPi-armv6-(Jessie), booted and no output to the terminal.

I then loaded DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Buster. It booted and is working well without a GUI.

Now loaded LXDE Desktop, working fine if a little slow.

The desktop does not automatically load, that is fine by me, and I can start it with startx.

I booted a RPi1B last week with the image available from download link and worked fine too.

somehow expected on a RPi1

did you tried using dietpi autostart function to load desktop on boot?

“Hello. I want to run OpenCV 3.2 on v159 because it has no problems.
LXDE file manager lacks missing icons and more features on v159. I downloaded the older version of v160 at address before v160 was available. I no longer have this image.”

These old images are not available anymore.

Was it possible?

what should be possible Xiande ??