Where is dietpi.txt?

Hai fourdee, I’ve just flashed latest dietpi image (V. 6) using etcher for my orange pi zero. but unfortunately, I cant even find “dietpi.txt” inside the micro sd. FYI; Im using static IP on my router, it would be fast & easy if I could preconfigure the IP settings inside “dietpi.txt” just like the old time, before I plug it in to my own router. Thanks.

Plug the micro sd card into a usb reader. Plug it into a computer it should see the drive and bring up the directory…it’s in there…edit with a .txt editor…save it and then put into your pi.

I had trouble a bit with mine…my windows machine kept telling me that it needed to format the freshly imaged card ?!?
So I popped it out, put in my Linux machine and mounted the partition…edited the dietpi.txt and all was well


Yeah, there are usually two partitions, root (ext4) and boot (fat). The boot partition, including dietpi.txt, mounts just nicely on Windows, but the root ext4 partition is also recognized, but unreadable, thus windows offers to format it. A bid annoying. Just remember Fourdee complaining that Windows does still not yet offer ext4 support, and I do fully agree. Totally not understandable, especially since all 3rd party solutions are quite unreliable.

You recognized it on you already installed DietPi (/DietPi/dietpi.txt)? It is meant to allow pre-configuration of your DietPi (thus read/writeable from Windows, directly after flashing to SD), especially as some people need special network config (mostly WLAN credentials) to allow network access on 1st run. But also many other stuff is adjustable there.
Most things can be also adjusted within the dietpi-launcher/config/software afterwards, but some values are also read during software installations, for example adjusted location of your ownCloud/Nextcloud data directory, standard passwords and others. Just go through it, most should be self-explained.

Sadly I can’ t find dietpi.txt or dietpi-wifi.txt either.
I am in Windows, looking at the only partition windows can see on the sd card and there is no such file. The only folder is ‘os’ and it isn’t there either.
so… how to get WiFi

Which image respectively device you use?

I can only imagine our UEFI images, wich are bundled with CloneZilla, to not contain the final boot file system. In this case you first need to boot the image from e.g. a USB stick and install/flash the OS via CloneZilla starter onto the final drive. Then you can mount this drive where you will find /boot/dietpi.txt. Not sure if this mounting is as well possible directly from within the CloneZilla installer, since I never used it :wink:.