Where can i edit the "dietpi.txt"?

I will installer Dietpi with native PC. When I down and rufus in usb memory. I can see only IMG or ISO file by WIN PC, not found any orther file folder or dietpi.txt.

on a native PC image, the dietpi.txt configuration file is located inside the img / iso file on the ext4 partition. Theoretically you would need to open these packages and edit the file directly inside. Or just follow the usual installation process :slight_smile:

Once WSL2 on Windows supports mounting ext4 filesystems, it will be all easier. Wasn’t this in Insiders preview for a long time already :thinking: .

Yeah, I guess it requires Windows 11. Something I would need to test

I try it on WIN11, but trouble still exist.
So, if I have “WIN PC” only, I can’t edit “dietpi.txt”?

maybe you can share what you have done and we could try to follow your steps. :slight_smile:

I tried running WSL2 to attached an ext4 partition (SD crad) on Windows 11. However it seems Microsoft do not support flash drives atm. There is a 2 years old open issue on GitHub --mount support for USB flash drives · Issue #6011 · microsoft/WSL · GitHub :roll_eyes:

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Dammit, the most important use case (including SD cards attached via USB card reader) …