Where are default aliases defined?

I recently had a need to reinstall a fresh system to one of my Pi’s . It’s the first time I’ve done a clean install in a while and I noticed that there were several defined aliases already, but I didn’t see a .bash_aliases file in the ‘dietpi’ user’s home folder (nor was there a .bashrc or .profile, I think). When I copied my custom .bash_aliases & .bashrc files over and reloaded it (via ‘source ~/.bashrc’), it seems to have lost the default aliases.

Where are the default aliases defined? (For instance, the one notifying the user about ‘dietpi-nordvpn’ being changed to ‘dietpi-vpn’). I’m curious where they were getting defined in a fresh install & where they get called into a bash shell?

This is odd, I have for every user a .bashrc, history, logout and .profile.
By default the aliases are in the bashrc, but you are talking about the binaries from /boot/dietpi, so these are no aliases, just binaries and the folder is added to the PATH variable.

sorry @Jappe that’s not correct. :smiley:

We define some alias within /etc/bashrc.d/dietpi.bash :wink:

Oh I didn’t know that. Whats the advantage to use an alias instead of adding it to PATH?

Maybe @MichaIng could explain the WHY :smiley:

There is not really an advantage. Aliases are just required since DietPi scripts are historically not in PATH. I aim to change this some time, at latest when providing DietPi scripts as APT package instead of GitHub archive.

Thanks. That’s where they are located.