Wheezy Image showing v96! Bug or Feature?


First of all i am a huge fan of Diet-Pi. I will NEVER use anything else for my raspberry :smiley:

Now i elaborate my confusion:

I am still running wheezy image. Jessie is very new so i decided to wait for a while before upgrading.

I thought you need the iso to upgrade distribution not the dietpi-upgrade command.

I ran the dietpi-upgrade command as this is what i do once a week…

It now shows me v96 but raspcontrol is still there in software menu. so something is wrong…

if i am on wheezy it shouldn’t be saying v96 cuz last wheezy version would be v94. if i am on jessie, raspcontrol shouldn’t be there.

My Questions:

Am i now on wheezy or jessie?
shouldn’t dietpi-upgrade stop working as soon as a new iso image is available?

Thank You


Good question. The most up-to-date DietPi version (v96) works just fine on Weezy and on Jessie. It’s just a piece of software.
Jessie also has some small bugs and some software will not work.
If you want to have Jessie, the best way is to reimage it on your Pi because the underlying software is completely different. You can also upgrade manually by following this little tutorial: http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/27859 (keep in mind that some programs could break because they are incompatible with Jessie).

About your other question, if you run:

cat /etc/*-release

It will show which version of Debian you are using.

Have fun,

Thanx for the response.

This is the output i get:

root@dietpi:~# cat /etc/*-release
PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)"
NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="7 (wheezy)"

So i am still on wheezy. Good Thing.

Maybe a suggestion for Fourdee. Version number isn’t really correct as v96 Features don’t apply to wheezy image.

Nothing that really bothers me but still…


Most new features should work on the Wheezy image. I have not tested this, but I’m pretty sure.

Regardless of your DietPi image (eg: Odroid / Jessie / Wheezy), dietpi-update will patch your specific system. Wheezy is still supported in DietPi, and, will continue to be patched along with all the DietPi images.

DietPi will never upgrade your installed distribution. So if your using the Wheezy image, your system will stay as Wheezy. This allows us to offer various distro types as images, and essentially, long term support for the old, yet stable previous distributions (eg: wheezy).

Most of the Jessie bugs we know of have been resolved (thanks to Pilovali’s testing), however, its still in beta. If you want to run Jessie, I would recommend downloading the DietPi Jessie image.

I test all the new features with both Wheezy and Jessie images, before releasing to public. :slight_smile: