What's going on with the DietPi twitter?

Whoever is running the dietpi twitter is making some concerning statements, I’m worried about possible self-harm. Can anyone contact them?



Thanks very much for worrying, but at least in terms of self-harm you don’t need to. To understand the situation, you might want to read https://www.gofundme.com/covering-london-medical-visit-costs where Dan explains the issue most complete.

But it’s always good to have people recognizing and worrying instead of just ignoring. The latter happens too often in society in cases where definitely an interaction is required :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

Good to know it’s maybe not as bad as it looked at first. I’ll dig out my UK debit card when I get home and add to the fund, and I encourage all DietPi users to think about contributing.


Ah the funding goal was already reached and the related travel + MRI test done. I only linked it here because it explains the situation that is related to the twitter post(s).

But seems that so far there was either no proper diagnosis from the tests or no useful treatment (besides pain blocker).

If required, I guess Dan will raise a new funding request. Happy to see so many people considering funding, even that this was private and not (directly) related to DietPi :slight_smile:.

Waiting for new funding request, i will surely play my part.

Thanks for considering.

However note that, as stated in the funding request, Fourdee is only asking such if there is no other way, as asking for money for private purpose isn’t something one feels comfortable with.

Had a phone call with Fourdee and to take pressure from him, as longer coding/dev sessions are currently not possible, we decided that I take the lead for DietPi. So Fourdee is not forced to keep up daily development and can easier keep priority on family and healthiness. However we will communicate this separately via more prominent communication channels. Stay tuned for news and related consequences. Don’t worry too much, we keep DietPi up and developing.