What is the best way to remain up-to-date our dietpi machine

In my machine I have made cron commands, which run weekly, which command are best for this purpose.
Option#1 dietpi commands:-dietpi-update
Option#2 genetic command:-apt-get update, apt-get upgrade
The reason for asking is like in my raspberry wireguard is installed which is very picky & broke frequently with updates(only for example).

Core question is with debian version changes (stretch to buster to bullseye etc.) the dietpi-update will update all background with current background versions & our machine enter into new environment smoothly when dietpi administrator merge into next generation . But like softwares i.e 3cx ip pbx, wireguard are made for specific version (stretch) so with time they will break as our O/s will slowly merge into next generation & that old software’s staggered into old box.
This problem last time I also face with home assistant as python was outdated.

So if I have to pick one boat dietpi controlled or genatic commands, which one is better to choose.,


DietPi will never initiate a move from Buster to Bullseye. If you are on Buster you will stay on Buster until you initiated a Debian Release Upgrade yourselves. apt update && apt upgrade will update all apt managed packaged within the specific Debian release. For unattended updates, you could have a look to the following link.


Thanks Joulinar always helping us,
thanks for telling me either with dietpi-update or genetic commands, i will remain in my version zone (buster/bullseye). that is the best option then merge into new generation. but what is the reason for wire guard break frequently with updates. in last six months i have to reinstall it two times as after updates this program breaks. i know this question is not directly depend upon dietpi it genatic question. i know wireguard is still in beta & we compile it for specific version etc. so what is the best approach to deal with this type of scenarios.

is it recommended i will do unattandent updates only rather that full update commands?

Not sure what’s the particular issues for your WireGuard installation. But it would be good if you can share some logs once your installation is failing next time. This way we could have a look :wink:

Personally I’m using WireGuard as well and never had an issue with WireGuard, after executing updates.

To be on save side, I would recommend to execute dietpi-backup before running any apt package update or dietpi-update. This will ensure a way back, if thinks gonna fail afterwards.