WebIOPi problem

Hi, I just installed the DietPi successfully on my Raspberry Pi 3B and including the WebIOPi. However, the web interface I saw is different from the introduction detail in this forum. It is not responsive when I click any button. I post the screen shot here.
GPIO Header
屏幕截图 2016-07-05 13.12.13.png

Anyone have met this issue?

Yep, same results here with RPi 3.

I’am not even sure if its a supported device in WebIOPi . The last WebIOPi update was 0.71 to support RPi 2 (http://webiopi.trouch.com/DOWNLOADS.html), its not been updated since then.

I also can’t seem to find any references of WebIOPi working on the RPi 3 either. So it doesn’t look good. For now, i’ll have to disable this installation for RPi 3 devices.

Thanks for your reply. :smiley: Is there any other web interface tool for controlling RPi 3 GPIO?

I’am probably the wrong person to ask. Aside from HAT’s and serial, I leave GPIO stuff well alone lol.

If no one here can assist, it might be worth creating a post on the official RPi forums asking the question. You are pretty much guaranteed to get an answer from someone with experience in that area.