Web Based GUI

Basically just copy and repurpose the Allo GUI for Dietpi Config, software etc.

Seems pretty light weight and low on resources.

Would be possible, but definitely optional. The performance/resource impact is only minor, if you already have a webserver stack up for other web apps, or if you use a totally different code base, e.g. NodeJS.

What I don’t like about web based system configuration is, that you need to grant your webserver user full root and/or sudo permissions. In combination with other opened web services this is a significant security issue.
To make it secure, it would be needed to allow this only via special port (where you can set firewall rules) and password based login.
If I remember correctly Allo GUI has this included, perhaps we can use it as base.
But there is nothing similar secure as SSH only system/root access, AFAIK. Just need to be kept in mind.

We would need to consequently move the actual configuration steps from “dietpi-config” to “dietpi-set_software/hardware” or other separate scripts to call with settings arguments. Then port menu structure from “dietpi-config” into most likely PHP code. Quite something to do. Maybe needs an additional coder that likes to play around with this.

Well I appreciate you even looking at and considering this…

I’m not a ‘coder’ but I can beta test or even do some minor code modding…ie help in any way possible.