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Weather ( are very cool…but… my home use EBOX internet provider and my ip address are in montreal, but i live in portneuf-sur-mer QC and when i connect into SSH i see weather of montreal… not portneuf-sur-mer…

Can you make change for we can change manualy weather to good weater ?

Sorry for my english, i speak french.

Best Regards
Ismael Cormier

Hello Symorian
you can use the code from this post to add a weather shortcut to your bash.
Then you can just type

weather portneuf-sur-mer

to get the correct weather report.

To hardcode it to just that location then you can use the following code instead

echo -e "\nfunction weather()\n{\nif [ \$COLUMNS -lt 125 ]\nthen\n  curl\portneuf-sur-mer?2n\nelse\n  curl\portneuf-sur-mer\nfi\n}" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

As a direct replacement, you could use a custom banner entry via dietpi-banner, using

curl -sSfLm 3

as command in the input box.

at least if customer entry is not already used for other purposes :wink:

True. Multiple custom entries would be nice :roll_eyes:.

At least I use it to classify my system as Prod or Dev system as well as OS type :wink:

You can have multiple custom entries:

echo && echo "$(top -b -n 1 | head -n 3)" && free -h && echo && curl && echo

True, but it doesn’t look as expected when not having the green dash in the front etc :sunglasses:. But usable workaround until we have native multiple custom entries :slight_smile:.

Thank you very much my friend !!! :slight_smile:

Wow thank you my friend. :slight_smile: