weather station software (weewx)
They made a open source software ready to install on Debian Linux like Ubuntu or raspbian, only “apt-get install” an editing some config files.

Works with a lot of weather stations,
so it is not nessesary to send data to weather-underground or such portals, … this software get data from own local weather station and make a website and push data via ftp on webserver…

Is it possible to install it directly?
How about making a diet-package?

Isn’t the weather-underground API now subscription based, and an expensive one at that?

WOW this looks pretty awesome!

WeeWX is a free, open source, software program, written in Python, which interacts with your weather station to produce graphs, reports, and HTML pages. It can optionally publish to weather sites or web servers. It uses modern software concepts, making it simple, robust, and easy to extend. It includes extensive documentation.

  • Key features:

Support for many popular weather stations;
Uploads to popular weather sites including WeatherUnderground,, CWOP, WOW, and AWEKAS and others;
Uploads to your website using FTP or rsync;
Extensive celestial almanac;
Ability to create or modify skins (the look and feel of your weather site);
Support for localization;
Simple, but extensible templating system;
Native support for US or Metric unit systems;
Support for sqlite or MySQL databases;
Calibration corrections;
Filtering of anomalous values;
An easy to understand, simple, extensible micro-kernel architecture;
Ability to extend WeeWX with new services and reports.

I’m not very good in English, and I don’t understand what you mean with “an expensive one at that”,
but if you look at WarHawk post, and if you know what wunderground basically supports, ehm… what you get for nothing to do… ehm… It is different.
And,… the server (pi) is mine, no data anywhere, and no lag’s through server standing anywhere with a modem connection, and if you/I pay then… No.
That pi is mine.
…and… if it will me nessesary … 5€/month and a vserver is yours… I already have one…
…by the way… of course… wu, and the other gets also my data, but… I wanna have my own, with own design, with maximum info on minimum space, …
No scrolling of ads and prediction of …
No scrolling of useless big gauges, and searching for …humidity…!?

Maybe parallel I have to build my own site, til now no on of this web service combine and compare and displays data of 2,3,4… stations in the neighbourhood…

I hate prediction of weather… “Your village has 12 degree Celsius outside…” You get out… Hmm… A little bit colder… You look on the old mercury-thermometer… Whaaaaat… 9 degrees…? …sometimes 3 degrees is the difference between jacket on or off…

“WeeWX is a free, open source, …”

Added to feathub

…no one wants to be the martyr… :wink: :cry:

Can someone advise changes to weewx.conf to make weewx work on Dietpi with lighttpd?

i tried to install weewx with apt on dietpi 7.9 and nginx running. I do not know which config files to added to get weewx running. Is it nginx.conf, sites-enabled or weewx.conf …?
i want to log from klimalogg pro.
i read 5-6 forums but did not find the correct answer for this configuration.
Any help would be useful, Regards, droogi

You want Nginx as a reverse proxy for weewx?

Generally best is to create a dedicated webserver config/vhost. To have the Nginx default config implied, e.g.: /etc/nginx/sites-dietpi/weewx.conf

Configs in this directory are loaded from /etc/nginx/sites-available/default, hence accessible from port 80 (and 443 in case), so in the weewx.conf above you could then place a proxy from /weewx to the actual TCP port weewx listens on.

I guess it’s more the question on how to configure weewx to be able to generate the web site

Ah sorry, my confusion. I saw that it is a Python script, so though it runs with an internal webserver on a custom port, which is so easy to implement with Python. But it generates/updates a static HTML page at /var/www/html/weewx/ to serve by an external webserver. Okay looks like there is nothing special required to get this working webserver wise:

systemctl enable --now weewx

Wait a while, like 5 minutes of so, then open the website at http://<your.IP>/html/weewx/. Since our webservers have their webroot at /var/www, the extra html sub path is required. Probably weewx can be configured to generate the website at /var/www/weewx, but otherwise a symlink will do to shorten the URL:

ln -s html/weewx /var/www/weewx


thanks for the hints, it was easier than i thought.
opening https://myip/html/weewx showed a 403 forbidden, so i thought i have to configure nginx.
But i installed a speacial device driver (klimalogg pro driver), the page to open is located at …/weewx/kl . i did not read this on the install instructions…
Regards, droogi