Watching TV….by using a Raspberry

I have a TV in my Hungarian house. Sometimes I would like to watch movies /streams from Austrian or Germańs treams. Therefore I have two different VPNs to my Austrian LAN and to a German Proxy.
With these constellation I can look streams on my Laptop, Tablett or Smartphone.
But it is not possible to forward those streams on FireTV Stick or Google Chromcast (to use my TV for watching) I guess because these both only „tell“ the stick where to stream from…. But not how to use the VPN. Therefore no streams can be initiated via casting.

Is there a possibility to use my DietPi, which is in the same network ?

Did you tried to install a VPN client on your FireTV Stick?

If you run the vpn on the dietpi, then you can use it as a gateway for the firetv and achieve your goal.

Not until now. Because for Germany I only use a simple Squid-Proxy which is locted in Germany. For that the WireGuard App does not make much sense.
I also mentioned that I have influence to the network settings on my TV natively. Perhaps I can use my laptop as gateway???
But here my network skills are too weak.

That means I „tell“ the DietPi to use my German Proxy (where do I do that?

And next I „tell“ my TV to use the DietPi as gateway??

Is it that what you mean?

Not sure if a Squid-Proxy would be working for a FireTV device. Better to have a VPN endpoint at the target location.

I really kindly ask you to specify this hint a bit more… and for German TV a do not use a VPN, but a Proxy which runs on a German virtual server.

On my PC it’s ease to specify this proxy… but how can I manage this on DIETPI and afterwards I give my TV DietPis IP as Gateway

I don’t know the details of your vpn and how to do it in dietpi, but if you manage then it’s rather simple to use it to pipe the firetv through it.

in fact it is not a VPN but a squid proxy running on a german server. I connect to this server (on my laptop) with servername, user and password.

The idea is to “feed” DietPi with this credentials and afterwards use it as gateway.

But how?
Thanks Karl

As stated above, I don’t think this best idea to use the Proxy.

Actually, DietPi has no built-in option to use a proxy server on network level. That’s something you would need to do manually. I found a couple of guides on the web describing hot to configure Debian to use a proxy on network level. But I did not test them. Not sure how accurate they are.

Way easier would be to setup a VPN server on your VPS located in Germany.