VPN providers for DietPi

I am in the search for a good VPN which is not resource hungry or have a drastic impact on my download speeds for dietpi!
I am not an expert here because using VPN can be tricky at times, so I was looking for suggestions. My friend has send me this review, so should I follow my friends recommendations or is there a better option ?


It’s included, just use


and select it

Hehe I also wanted to answer such first, but it’s about external VPN services to browse the web privately :wink:.
Sadly no experience with those parted services and their performances.

for annonymity, I prefer and use Mullvad. While you’ll be hard pressed to find any 3rd party vpn service outside the reach of prying legal eyes, these guys are based in Sweden which instills confidence in their ability to at least deter said eyes more effectively than others.
in addition, they offer services paid via BTC and not only do not require any account info, but they just don’t have it on record. You’re issued a random number as an account and nothing else by default (if one is using a vpn for annonymity, it’s quite counter-intuitive to pay via any method other than cash or cryptocurrency)
They don’t have an official mobile app, but the ‘openvpn for android’ app works fine via profile imports that are easily downloaded per your specification from mullVad. They have plenty of servers worldwide, and the US is well covered with very little performance hit noticed. They also have a handful of ‘wireguard’ servers that make vpn client setup easier and safer than with standard openvpn conf imo.
Check out https://thatoneprivacysite.net for great information and detailed reveiws of vpns and other privacy focused services.
I’m not affiliated with either of the sites mentioned, but settled on Mullvad myself after reading entries listed on that one privacy site. :smiley:
Ps, I don’t think they reveiwed NordVPN very positively at all if I remember correctly. Please take a look for yourself though and decide what service fits your specific use case best

Did they provide support for plex and dietpi?

As long as they provide a proper OpenVPN or WireGuard config + key, respectively which credentials to enter, they work with DietPi. The software titles should work independently from VPN in general.

Just to throw in an alternative, as Fourdee implemented a separate DietPi tool: Check out NordVPN, installable via dietpi-software > DietPi-NordVPN and easily configurable via simple GUI.

Ivacy uses the proprietary Microsoft PPTP protocol that is obsolete and has well known security issues:

So there are already two reasons why you should avoid it and instead better trust the FOSS OpenVPN protocol or the upcoming (in experimental stage) promising WireGuard.

Greetings from Thailand!

I’ve been logging into my USA bank account for ages, but they recently have disallowed logins from Thailand (and Egypt interestingly).

I’ve read that some VPNs don’t pass on location information (anonymous login?) which hopefully would allow me to once again access my account from here.

If true, any recommendations which hopefully I could load from DietPi?


All VPNs will not forward any location info. The server you are accessing to will just see the location from the VPN provider/server. So it’s basically about speed, privacy (does the provider keep logs or not, trustworthiness, …) and price of course.

Nearly all VPN providers have OpenVPN settings files. So you can install the OpenVPN package (G_AGI openvpn) and start it as: openvpn /path/to/config.ovpn

If the provider has WireGuard servers already, this can be installed via dietpi-software and configured (actually left moreless plain) as client.

Generally reading the VPN providers documentation will help. Any Debian/Ubuntu instructions will work on DietPi as well.

Personally I’d never use any other VPN-provider than Mullvad. They don’t require any information whatsoever from you. They actually prefer if you pay them cash. You can pay with Bitcoin too (though Bitcoin can be traced back to you). You’re free to pay with credit card and other common payment methods too; your payment won’t be traceable to your specific account anyway.

Speeds are great. They donate a lot of their income to Wireguard developers and other companies associated with freedom of speech.

I also use Nordvpn. After half a year of use, I think Nordvpn is indeed the best VPN, based in Panama, with strict zero-logging strategy, powerful encryption, distributed global and fast servers, excellent client and flow. media support. And the price of Nordvpn is also very favorable, the price is as low as 2.99 US dollars per month.

Nordvpn is recommended. ExpressVPN is also good, but the price of expressvpn is relatively expensive.

Surfshark is also great, the price is cheaper than Nordvpn, $1.99 per month.

You can choose one of Nordvpn, Expressvpn, and surfshark. Very good.

Hope it helps you.

Guys fun fact. Every single one of these “pro” NordVPN posts are bots or paid advertisers of NordVPN.

I recommend: https://www.thatoneprivacysite.net/

It has a comparison of hundreds of VPN services. Pick and choose what suits your needs and be wary of shill posts and astroturfing. If you see low post counts but people advertising a service, it’s definitely a bot or an advertiser.

Not every single one, but in case of rosemartine I agree, at least about being a NordVPN advertiser, although at least transparent from the profile “Interests: Digital Marketing”.

Sorry rosemartine, we removed other users for the same reason. Even that we promote NordVPN ourselves in this forum, we do not accept bots or advertisers registering for advertising reasons only.

We really need to write some terms of use about this topic, where we can base our actions on :thinking:.

Don’t know which VPN works well for DietPi but I recently subscribed Fastest VPN and configure at the router to secure our IP, data security & privacy. There’re many VPNs providers in the market and almost all the service providers claiming that their product is best for all-purpose. let see the Fastest VPN works for DietPi or not.

I use Veepn https://veepn.com/. Pretty good VPN and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. There were no failures or errors. Here you need to prop up the VPN for yourself.

Just advice. if i configure my raspberry with any provider either by openvpn or wireguard protocol. how to divert all of my home data to through raspberry pi. is i have to install vpn app in each device?
my basic question raspberry pi server connect/link with VPN service provider.
but how my devises are link with my raspberry pi? the router is the person which act as gateway. how all the data pass through the VPN configured raspberry pi.
in pi hole it is easy just change DNS server in router. for data passage what i have to do? also it is not theoretical problematic. like bandwidth is just half as first all data go to router to raspberry pi & same data after encryption go back through raspberry pi to router then ISP. is it adverse effect anywhere.

well you would need to adjust your clients to use your PI as gateway instead of your router

There is DHCP Option 3, which is the default gateway. However if the router is provided by your ISP or is not very customizable I highly doubt it will be there. So your options are:

  1. Configure static IP/mask/gateway/dns to the hosts you want to go through vpn
  2. Disable DHCP server on ISP router and run on Pihole or any other potential server. There you can define the gateway.
  3. Use RPi as intermediate router.

Yep using Pihole as DHCP server is the most easiest way. There you can configure all DHCP options needed.