VPN (NordVPN) issues after upgrading to Debian Bullseye


I just wanna start by saying THANK YOU for developing this fantastic OS.
I have a RPi4 4gb that has been running Dietpi Buster for over a year flawlessly. I decided to do a fresh reinstall using the newest Bullseye insterad.
Since that I have a problem that the VPN (I use Nordvpn) is making timeouts after X amount of time, always. I am using the exact same options as my previous install (TCP). I don’t know where to start or how to fix this issue.
Changing servers/country TCP/UDP or resetting VPN options altogether does not have any effect.

Required Information

  • DietPi version | G_DIETPI_VERSION_CORE=8

  • Distro version | Bullsyey 0

  • Kernel version | Linux DietPi 5.10.92-v7l+ #1514 SMP Mon Jan 17 17:38:03 GMT 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux

  • SBC model | RPi 4 Model B (armv7l)

  • Power supply used | RPi4 Original USB bundled power supply

  • SD card used | USB harddisk, 20gb

Anyone have any suggestions?

Hmm, just to be sure, you use dietpi-vpn, right? And you mean that the connection is established at first, but then gets lost after some time?

Do the logs or kernel logs show anything, after the connection loss happened?

journalctl -u dietpi-vpn
dmesg | tail -20

Mask any private/identifying info, please :wink:.