VNC Client at startup

Hi Folks.

For an application, I need to start a VNC Client immediately at system startup in a GUI environment (I have installed LXDE).
The VNC Client should connect autonomously at a VNC server immetiately after startup.

could someone help me, please?

When you install a VNC server via dietpi-software, ir starts a virtual desktop automatically at boot. But the automatic client connection needs to be done at the client’s system, of course. E.g. on Windows the tasks management should allow to achieve that.

I guess the OP is looking for a method to start the VNC client on DietPi LXDE and connect to whatever server automatically.

Ah, makes sense. In this case, do you have a VNC client installed already, and if so which one? On Linux desktops autostart (when the desktop starts) entries can be created as well, per user, so with known VNC client console command this should be possible.