Vmware ESXi Installation issues

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering some issues while installing dietpi on an esxi machine (6.5). I’t doesn’t matter what image I use to boot it, it always return an error. Is there a guide of how to do so ?

I have managed it on 5.5. What is the error?

Did you try install via DietPi-PREP script, or used VMware image (https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/)?

And jep, some details, error messages, logs, where exactly the errors/break appears etc :wink:.

Sorry, It seems my HW version is 13 and this guest OS requires 14. I guess it is time to upgrade to 6.7 afterall.

Hmm, strange that it works on 5.5 then as well. Indeed the exact error output would be great. Perhaps there is a way we can increase/ensure compatibility with older WMware versions, when doing image creation on most current version.
Also depends on if it is a hardware issue (missing/wrong driver or something) or an issue of the vmx config file being incompatible.

Just checked the vmx file, which contains:

virtualHW.version = "14"

You could try to remove this line or replace it by virtualHW.version = “13”, if WMware denies to start the VM.

I had to convert the base image as vmware vmdk files are not compatible with EXSi.

https://tech.borpin.co.uk/2018/01/30/adding-a-dietpi-vm-to-an-exsi-host/ for details.