Virtualbox image - no network

I have downloaded a fresh Virtualbox image and imported it into a new Virtualbox installation. It boots fine, but I can only get a network connection by switching to NAT before it boots first time. However, I really want it in bridged mode so I can easily access it elsewhere on my network.

Any tips on what the network settings should be? I have tried all sorts of settings. Is the emulated network card important?

Hmm, for me this worked. I enabled bridged mode, chose my hosts internet adapter, chose the virtio-net virtual adapter and set static IP etc on guest matching subnet. DHCP worked for me first not on Jessie image and I needed the MAC to match the hosts internet MAC. Somehow on the fresh Stretch image I just created, DHCP and individual MAC worked. It is going through tests now and will be released hopefully soon.

I use Windows host where you have to be sure, that virtualbox bridged extension is enabled in internet network adapter. No idea how this is solved on Linux.