Vim (Full) vs Vim-Tiny


Have you given any thought to installing Vim-tiny instead of Vim?

1.2MB vs 28MB



Hi Rob,

I’am not a Vim user, so I can’t comment on what the differences are for end users (I prefer nano). Although the reduced install size would be welcomed, not sure what features would be left out (if any)?

I’m a classic VI user, myself… don’t like nano, or any of the extras in VIM… I can happily use the vi built-in to busybox, if that tells you anything. :slight_smile:

here’s the best answer:

basically only 12 features out of 120 in vim-tiny. :slight_smile:

I’am all for minimal. But i’ll leave this one down to you Rob, i’am a Vim virgin, so it’s your call :slight_smile:

I’ll add it as a feature request.

also, check you email…