Viewing RAID Stats on DietPi Dashboard

So I recently installed and set up DietPi on my Raspi4b 4GB unit which I was previously using as a Nextcloud server (until that broke on me one too many times).

Gotta say, I love how much more responsive this is compared to Raspberry Pi OS… that thing felt so slow.

At the moment I’m mainly using it as a redundant versioned backup of stuff I share over Syncthing but there’s one thing that would be very helpful for me that the DietPi Dashboard doesn’t seem to do, likely due to my configuration - you see, my home directory (and the synced data being stored) is on a RAID1 array I set up with two USB 3.0 drives (512GB). Sadly, I cannot view any stats of this array from the Dashboard, not even a simple storage used. Is there a way to mod the dashboard to populate this? I’m not a dev by any stretch so I’d appreciate it if someone could explain the config changes needed if they exist or otherwise point me towards a solution that will do this and directions on how to configure it.

Welcome to our community.

Our dashboard doesn’t have such configuration options (yet) where you could show/configure disk space. At least I’m not aware.

If you like, feel free to open a feature request on our DietPi Dashboard GitHub account

Disk space for the root drive (/) is shown on the Statistics page, there’s already a request to be able to show other drives there too. I’m not very familiar with RAID, but is that basically what you want?

Basically let’s keep it simple and display attached/mounted drives.

The SD card is mounted on /, the RAID array is on /home.

It does show the SD stats but that’s not where most of the action is.

htop doesn’t seem to show it either, not sure if it’s just a limitation of the system itself.

I’ll put in a feature request for monitoring custom mountpoints since I think that’s what I think it is I need.

There is already a feature request to show other mountpoints if I understood @ravenclaw900 correctly.