Very frustrated

Hi, I’ve downloaded DietPi and written it to SD card and have booted-up ok. I’m afraid that’s where my first impressions of it change from “wow” to “I hate it.”

1. First of all, all I need to know from the very first moment I landed on your website, is; does it have a GUI?

I hate all this scripting, ticking and configuring rubbish.

Some screen shots would be helpful.

2. Why on earth do I have to configure the WiFi? For the past 8 hours I’ve been messing about with some stupid boxes of text asking me to configure SSID’s etc.

What do I have to do to get the stupid thing working? I just want it to connect to WiFi and then have a look at the GUI (if at all one exists) to see if it’s user friendly with me in mind.

Why should I now have to take the SD card out and fiddle with some text files so I can connect the OS to the WiFi?

There’s no GUI out of the box. It’s a minimal Debian based distro.

Run dietpi-config from the CLI and connect to the wifi through the appropriate menu.

Then run dietpi-software if you want to install a GUI or RDP.

if you are so frustrated after a first boot, what the hell your are using DietPi? Go back to the standard Debian and feel the difference.

BTW there is no Dialog or Box asking for configuration WLAN. Usually on a first boot you don’t need to configure that much. The install process will update you to latest version and ask some basic settings like global password. Nothing more.

If you need WiFi it can be configured running dietpi-config. That’s the only point where it ask for WiFi details. On the other hand you can pre-configure WiFi before first boot using config text files.

And finally, if you don’t like using a command shell, why you are using UNIX at all? But as well for this DietPi has a solution. Just before fist boot configure dietpi config files that way, that automatically a desktop will be installed and started afterwards.

So much negativity toward the creators of an awesome, free product, that works exactly as it was designed.

No, there is no GUI. If that scares you, you should probably download a completely different distro like debian or raspbian.

Can there be a GUI… sure, but you are going to have to do some minimal configuration to get it set up. You are apparently already having trouble configuring the wifi… which doesn’t bode well for your probability of successfully doing whatever it was that you intended to do.

So answer a basic, civil question… and we will do our best to help: What is it that you are trying to accomplish with Dietpi?

This guy is a troll - best not reply any more unless we hear from him again, which I doubt we will do.

Dietpi, as advertised, doesn’t have by default a GUI as such. Its a very lean raspbery pi OS that allows you to customise to your hearts content. You can enable a “GUI”/“OS” by either installing the various desktops available from the install additional software packages. You can also enable VNC to remote connect to it if it has a Desktop installs.

If its a PnP/out-of-the-box GUI you need, then perhaps DietPi is not the solution for you, however with just a few steps you can install a Desktop from the install software packages while setting up. Some very basic knowledge on how to navigate menu’s is required.

Good luck :slight_smile:

This guy need yoga to appreciate DietPi’s beauty of simplicity

Thx to bring up this thread again to share it with me :smiley:
Maybe he had just a bad day, maybe he just needs to use windows. Who knows :slight_smile: