Version Check

Is there a way to ensure I am running the 64bit version of DietPi? I installed onto a rpi4b and am running into an issue trying to get xteve to install. After trying to troubleshoot on an xteve discord the only logical conclusion they could come up with is that I did not install the 64bit version of the OS. I just wanted to verify before I start from scratch.



DietPi for RPi is based on Raspbian Lite. So question would be, is Raspbian Lite a 32 or 64 bit OS? :sunglasses:

So by default it should be 32bit. However end of last year RPi foundation released first kernel that is 64bit capable

to get it activated you would need to add arm_64bit=1 into /DietPi/config.txt and reboot your system. Afterwards uname -a should display aarch64 instead of armv7l

Linux DietPi3 4.19.97-v7+ #1294 SMP Thu Jan 30 13:15:58 GMT 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux
Linux DietPi3 4.19.97-v8+ #1294 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 30 13:27:08 GMT 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux

I do not see that line of code anywhere in my config.txt.

you need to add arm_64bit=1 into /DietPi/config.txt

The code section was just the example of the output of uname -a before and after the change

Any particular line?

simply add it to the end. it doesn’t matter

Ugh. Now my pi starts up. Goes through it’s normal sequence. When that has completed. I get a yellow box that says ‘restore pages’ but I have no mouse or keyboard functionality.

Looks like it’s trying to load chromium.

It brought up DietPi vs Raspian lite file.

Still have no mouse ability. I’m using a mouse/keyboard combinatio. Keyboard has functionality. Can’t seem to understand how to load the normal desktop I was using.

can you try to use SSH (from a different computer) to your DietPi system ?? and check the autostart settings on dietpi-config?

Never mind. I’m working through it. Going to try the adding of the line to config now.