Vaultwarden update to 1.25 web access

Yesterday I’ve updated vaultwarden to latest version, and I find that my previous config does not work the same.

When I try to acces https://<my.IP>:8001 I get an error.

I have to change this in the config:

uncomment this line

and change it with my local IP


Just for someone may be helpful.

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Hmm this binds the web interface to the local IP, while by default it should allow to connect via any IP/interface ( I wonder whether they changed the default so that it binds to localhost ( by default. Then indeed we’d need to change/set this setting on (re)install. The question is whether we should bind to the local IP (which would break one the IP changes for some reason) or keep the previous behaviour by setting it to (without overwriting any explicitly set value).

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Right, ROCKET_ADDRESS= is required now to preserve the previous behaviour. Fixed with: v8.5 · MichaIng/DietPi@ee3c84c · GitHub
It would be slightly safer to bind to the local IP, but it would break e.g. access via VPN when accessing the web vault via VPN-internal address, and it breaks once the local IP changes. So without adding further prominent info/docs about this, we need to restore the previous behaviour which allows access from any interface/via any IP.

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Glad for helping discovering this.

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