New Features:
DietPi-Nice | Allows you to set process priority (nice level) for most dietpi-software installed programs. Your nice levels will automatically be applied by DietPi and active at all times. More info : REMOVED INVALID LINK

DietPi-Software (RPi) | Owncloud installations now use the opensuse repo. This installs the latest version (8.1).
DietPi-Sync | Added option to enable/disable compression during transfer.
DietPi-Config (Overlocking RPi 2) | Modified the overclocking profiles to improve stability. From testing, ram overclocking seems to cause the most instability, so, we have set the ram freqs to default (400mhz) for low and med profiles.
DietPi-Cloudshell | Users can now set custom USB drive mount locations, if different from /mnt/usb_1. Line 3 of /DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-cloudshell.
dietpi-external_drive_setup | When formatting, it will now clear the MBR and partition tables on the drive before creating the ext4 partition.
General (RPi) | Hdparm is now installed by default (to be consistent with all DietPi images). This allows external drives to power down when idle.
General | Removed trailing white space from all DietPi code. Reduces DietPi-Ramdisk size by 4~KB (every little counts :wink:).

Bug fixes:
DietPi-Config (RPi) | Resolved issue with SDcard benchmark reporting incorrect free space.
DietPi-Software | Resolved issue with HiFi installation. An invalid config file prevented mpd from starting.
dietpi-external_drive_setup | Will now correctly display the filesystem type when its label contains spaces.