v6.34 fails to reboot from eMMC

Following an upgrade to v6.34 from v6.33 it fails to reboot when using eMMC (Odroid N2 4GB).

Have tried reinstalling numerous times, reducing the amount of changes to just the bare minimum set-up installation. However, using a micro SD card works as expected.

There appears to be no fix to this issue, trying again it just boots to a flashing cursor.

Updated the Petitboot but still doesn’t work - really strange, worked perfectly before last update.

fsck the partition if possible…could have errors on it

I’ll reinstall everything and try fsck, I only have one eMMC and to check there were no issues with the Odroid N2 itself I’ve tested it with the latest Ubuntu and works fine. I use it for VPN, so don’t really need a desktop - just a minimal image. PiVPN works fine on it. I’ve even tried DietPi with a brand new SD card and, unlike eMMC, it boots but that’s about it. Nothing loads, even tried to install Plex - rebooted and can’t open it. Very strange.