V6.30 Dietpi-backup. structure changed to old \data directory?


I recently made a backup from one of my raspberry pi 2’s with I believe a dietpi 6.2* version on it.
now I want to restore it on a fresh minimal installation (6.30) but I got the issue that dietpi-backup can’t find the backup
I have the “new” structure with 2 directories : .dietpi-backup_system and .dietpi-backup_userdata

but it suspect the “old” structure with only a file called .dietpi-backup_stats and a data directory.

So is this by purpose changed? or do I have something wrong?
and if so, can I restore it on any way?


many thanks for your report. I guess your backup was created somewhere in May 2018 if your picture is correct. And it’s showing the old structure. If it’s true that your backup was created on a version 6.2, than it’s not possible to restore. With version 6.10 the backup function was redesigned and backups that created before are not supported anymore.

:open_mouth: facepalm. I totaly mistaked the year in the backup files. so heck yeah this is a old backup.
now I’m searching for the latest one. Probably somewhere :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have 3 Raspberry pi’s with Dietpi and a few backup dirs because I switch from project A to project B sometimes by swapping an SD-card in the raspberry pi’s.

thanks for your reply!