v6.3.0 - I2C DS18B20 Sensor not reading

Hi, Just looking for some inspiration!!

I am running a PI 3B+, I have 1 Dallas 1 wire DS18B20 sensor attached on Pin 4.

When I upgraded from 6.29 to 6.30, Sensor still works - no problems,

To start a fresh setup, I downloaded DietPi, and burned it etc etc… Set my dtoverlay… installed I2C, but I cannot read the sensor, Its software problem, but I just cant find out what, What kernal or setting is different? All wiring, sensor etc is good, because it works on the 6.29 upgrade to 6.30…

Thanks in advance… J

I’m not experience on this sensor stuff but as you ask for the kernel. Doesn’t matter how you update to 6.30, all will use the same kernel provided by RPI foundation. It’s the same kernel as used on Raspbian Lite and updated via apt-get. DietPi did not have an own kernel.