v6.16 Install LOOP

It tries to go through the install process, but stops about half way through then reboots.

Upon reboot it NEVER connects back to the network…I must always unplug and plug the RPi back in…software reboots don’t work.

Once its booted back up it goes a little further and does the same thing…and/or hangs on a server.

If it hangs on the default server [global] I have to switch it to US.

Once switched to US it goes a little more and hangs again then reboots…so I have to get up again and unplug then replug it back in to start the process.

Finally after several reboots [unplug and replug] it gets to a point and says install complete, tries to reboot and once I plug it back in …low and behold it did not install anything, and tries to install Dietpi again…rinse repeat, rinse repeat, rinse repeat.

I started to notice this reboot thing about 2-3 revs back
This is a first for the never ending install process.

Somethings up guys, we are starting to loose some of that Robustness Dietpi was famous for… :sunglasses:

Just completed an update from 6.15 to 6.16; flawless, quick and no issues.

To me when I upgraded from 6.14 to 6.16 the wifi adapter stopped working .I cant scan for a network through the gui and after i manually insert the wireless ssid and pass stil doesnt resolve it ,no ip give Even putting a static one doesnt seem to work.
Tried 2 more times clean install from the image with wifi preconfigured in the dietpi.txt as also with ethernet. Worked everything in the clean install of a 6.14 but after update in the 6.16 the wifi adapter breaks. Ethernet still working without a problem.

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Anyone with similar problem ?

So you have a Jessie image? In case could you please try:

sed -i '/[[:blank:]]Workaround_WiFi$/a\\t\tsystemctl start networking' /DietPi/dietpi/boot

There is a current bug on Jessie that prevents networking service to be started on boot. The above adds a manual service start to DietPi boot script.

But you mentioned that the update breaks in the middle. Please paste the error messages that you see on terminal, as this should not be related.

Could you please file a bug report on GitHub about this? Seems to be a separate issue, perhaps due to recent feature to add multiple WiFi SSIDs: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues

Gotcha ! So it was really a bug , i thought i was going crazy and i was doing something wrong. Is there maybe a method to skip the initial update in a fresh install because i would really need to use the raspi wirelessly ? I didnt see an option in the dietpi.txt. Thanx !

Okay yes I will post a bug report with the information provided during the install process.

I went ahead and created a ticket at github about this LOOP.

This makes in impossible to do a fresh install…


It hangs and goes into the loop doing this step…copying those skeletons. :cry:

I found the problem and closed the ticket.


Actually this is Stretch not Jessie…its the latest Dietpi image…however the network issue is here.

Updated my headless raspberry pi zero w to 6.16 and I can no longer connect to it.
Is there any way I can fix it without having to look for the HDMI adapter and hooking it to a screen?
I’ve looked at some guides to connect via USB ssh, but for some reason when I try and read the sdcard with my windows box I cannot acces the boot partition to edit the needed files (I also had an error during the update, maybe my parition got corrupted somehow?)

I also tried with another card to do a fresh headless install from 6.16, but it’s also not coming online.
When trying one of the earlier versions it works fine, until it updates to 6.16 after which it probably cannot connect to wifi again.

Might be a good idea to pull update if wifi is not working?

I have the same problem but the guys are making the best trying to resolve it with daily updates.

Issue 2087 on github.


As for pulling out the 6.16 update i think it’s a nice idea also as i find myself trying from Thursday to be able to connect the pi wirelessly without succeeding and i would prefer a poorer in features but more stable release. Maybe having a beta period for a release would be a good idea but i dont know if of course there will be enough people to test it.