DietPi v156

22 September 2017
Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | ASUS TB: Updated image. Includes latest kernel and matches current 2.0.1 TinkerOS image.

DietPi-Config | Performance > CPU: Added support for setting minimum CPU frequencies.
Many thanks to @Filhype for contributing this feature:

DietPi-Config | WiFi: Added support for connecting to open networks (no encryption), by using a empty passkey.
Many thanks to Helmut for this!

DietPi-Drive_Manager | We have reviewed “Mystic Meg’s” claims that it is possible to psychically unmount drives. Our team has personally tested this claim, and, we can confirm this is simply not the case. Either that, or our “Chinatown” crystal ball is not fully functional. Therefore, we have deemed it necessary that users must “physically” remove drives, instead of attempting to achieve it with their minds alone. This also applies to keyboards.
Thanks John!

DietPi-Software | Syncthing: Updated to latest version (v0.14.35). For new installations only.
Many thanks to @joaofl for contributing this:

DietPi-Software | Syncthing: Now uses the DietPi user data directory and dietpi user account. For new installations only.
Many thanks to @joaofl for contributing this:
Bug fixes:

General | Sparky SBC: Kernel updated to resolve issue with slow playback under 44KHz/16bit PCM, and, playback failure in MPD when changing tracks. Many thanks @sudeep.

General | ASUS TB: Default CPU gov is now “ondemand”. This resolves issues with USB DAC noise and general system instability:

DietPi-Software | MPD: Resolved an issue where MPD dependencies are not flagged as installed, causing removal during “apt-get autoremove”:

DietPi-Software | O!MPD: Resolved an issue where OMPD would fail to generate the SQL DB in Debian Stretch.

DietPi-Update | Resolved an issue where DNS could be lost, preventing updates if PiHole is installed. This is due to us stopping the service prior to updates. PiHole service is now restarted during updates:

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