New Features:
DietPi-Automation | DietPi automation allows users to fully automate the installation process, and, automatically install optimized software from the DietPi-Software catalogue. We have also added features like auto mounting Samba client shares, download and execute script during installation. All the automation options are available in the dietpi.txt file on the 1st partition of the DietPi image. https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-automation/227/1
dietpi-set_dphys-swapfile | New function script that allows command line users to change dphys-swapfile size and locations easily and quickly. See sourcecode for usage.

Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:
PiHole | Updated PiHole script to latest version (gravity.sh).
DietPi-Cloudshell | Updated to v4. You can now start/stop DietPi-Cloudshell from the menu and choose which screen to output. Also added option to display temps as Celsius or Fahrenheit.
DietPi-Config (RPi) | Added display resolution option for the official RPi touchscreen.
General | Updated grep code usage to check for 1st character on line when parsing files for variable values. Prevents pulling in any commented code references. eg: grep -m1 ‘^MyVar=10’
DietPi-Software | LetsEncrypt has been disabled for DietPi RPi (Wheezy) until a workaround can be found: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/141
DietPi-Software | Dedicated USB drive installations will also move the swapfile to the USB drive. Many thanks to bbmak for this request: https://dietpi.com/forum/t/putting-the-swap-in-the-external-usb-hd/224/3
DietPi-Software | Softether VPN server has been removed. Its setup was overcomplicated for the end user. OpenVPN server offers a much better and simplier VPN experience for the user.
DietPi-Backup | Allows for $2 input directory when using backup/restore inputs for $1. See sourcecode and usage header for more info.
DietPi-Nice | Added support for Squeezebox Server (LMS) and Squeezebox Lite.
DietPi-Affinity | Added support for Squeezebox Server (LMS) and Squeezebox Lite.

Bug fixes:
DietPi-Software | Resolved an issue with Squeezebox not installing. This is due to squeezebox 7.9 nightly build url links being dropped. Squeezebox will now be downloaded from DietPi.com. Thanks to Jean for spotting this.