Using streamer and xawtv to capture video from webcam

streamer is a webcam capture program that is either bundled with xawtv or can be installed separately if not included with the package for your distro. I can capture JPEG stills from the webcam just fine. But when I try to capture an AVI video from the webcam, I get the message:

oss: open /dev/dsp: No such file or directory
movie writer initialisation failed

Is there something else I need to install or configure to make it work?


I tried installing oss-compat and osspd. Neither of these solved the missing dsp directory issue.

It captures video without sound when I remove the command line argument for audio format. Since my ancient Logitech webcam probably doesn’t have a microphone, this is, as they say, “good enough for government work.” Thanks!

What directory and file did you edit, show us your config file so others that might have this problem can learn from your work