Using RPICam, how to RO OS but leave WWW writable?

Hi all,

I am using RPICam with DietPi and want to make the camera resilient to forced shutdown (unplug/power loss) so was thinking about changing the filesystem to RO using the provided script. However I was thinking, RPICam needs its media folder to be writeable (in the /var/www folder and linked to /mnt/dietpi_userdata/rpicam) would it be best to resize the file system and add a new partition for that folder so it can be mounted in a RW mode? Is there anything else I would need to consider before going this route?

-edit- I am using a Pi Zero 2 so swapping to USB isn’t that viable

probably you could have a look to following post. It might give you an idea on what is possible. I guess you would need to adjust the proposed solution and add the required folder.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll look into that and if i have any success i’ll report back :smiley: