Using multiarch to install an raspberrypi armhf install file

I have an Odroid C4 running dietpi. The aim is to be able to use it as a Kodi media Center.
The challenge is I need a geo-location beating vpn on it (as I’m in china).

WindscribeVPN has a raspberrypi armhf install file.
Do you think using multiarch or QemuUserEmulation would work to be able to install it on my dietpi?

Or is my only option to get a raspberrypi?
(Note I’ve tried wireguard and so far it hasn’t been able to give me a connection to my VPN)

you should try to avoid using multi arch. This is causing more issues than it helps.

Best would be if your VPN provider provides client configuration files for OpenVPN or Wireguard.

see if this works
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Might be able to use openvpn and use the Windscribe credentials
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