Using GC9A01 screen on Raspberry Pi zero w + DietPi

Hi guys. I am still a beginner and would appreciate any guidance on a hobby project.

I have been searching without any luck and wondered if anyone has managed to get a screen such as this GC9A01 to work with a Raspberry Pi zero w running DietPi?

The idea is I want to run DietPi with Node red locally and display it on the screen.

Looking forward to guidance.
Kind regards

Welcome to our community.

I guess we are not able to give you a full blown how-to guide as this is quite a specific request. However every guides for Raspberry Pi should be good enough to be used as starting point

Some software title like build tools, python3 and WiringPi are available on our software catalogue. SPI interface could be activated using dietpi-config.

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Thank you so much! It works!