Using Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously

Hi everyone,
I’d like to know, whether a Raspi running dietpi can handle a wifi and an ethernet connection at the same time.
I want to use ssh and ftp on the cable, but connect to the internet wirelessly.
If you know a way to do this please let me know!

Yes, you can use both connections at the same time. But do you like to connect Ethernet as well as WiFi to the same network or should it be different network segments? Because it is not recommended to have both connected to same network segment at a time.

No, the two are two separate networks, basically I want to use this because the transfer speed and reliability on cable is much better, but I can only connect the pi to my PC via cable (the router is in another room), but I don’t want my network traffic to go through my PC, and also my pi is running 24/7 but my PC isn’t.

How does the PC connect to your local network?

Both devices are on wifi, but I want to transfer files between them on Ethernet.

ok this should work. You might need to adjust default getaway on RPI to ensure internet connection via WiFi.

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Hi, so I got a cross ethernet cable, but I need a little help setting the things up. What do you mean by “adjusting the default gateway”?

once setup both adapters, can you share following

ip a; ip r

ip.txt (1,1 kB)

looks like Ethernet is not configured yet.

Yes, I just connected the devices with the cable, because I didn’t find any instructions about this for the dietpi.

using dietpi-config should allow to configure Ethernet

This is all I see there.

you need to change mode to STATIC and set the same network details as on your computer.