Using as a web server for test?

Hi, I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 model B because I would to use for different use.
At the moment I’m using Transmission and MOV through NGINX, all run via LEMP web server.

I need to use as a web server because I need a place available from anywhere to develop a website. In this case, I need to install a CMS(so webspace and MySQL db). What I need to do?

Tried to install phpMyAdmin but I get 404 error and I don’t know where is the web root.

Thank you.


Web root/path is:


So for your test site, you could make a folder called:


Then access with:

Once PhpMyAdmin is installed, it should be accessable via:

Yes, tried it few times but I got an error like connection timed out. Also trying to connect to phpMyAdmin. Nothing appear! Also cannot see anything in /var/www, like phpinfo.php

Thank you.


Is LEMP installed in dietpi-software?

If you can send me a bug report, i’ll take a look:

Yes, it was. However, I made a clean install of DietPi, OMV is no more available in dietpi-software so it seems to all is working properly. Is it possible to point //ip/mywebsite to a “mywebsite” folder located in an external USB HDD?

Yep, you can symlink /var/www/mywebsite to /mnt/UUID_OF_USBDRIVE/mywebsite


ln -sf /mnt/UUID_OF_USBDRIVE/mywebsite /var/www/mywebsite

Set permissions:

chown -R www-data:www-data /mnt/UUID_OF_USBDRIVE/mywebsite

Thank you very much!
Last problem: I can’t access to phpMyAdmin via DDNS. I have No-Ip and I can access via SSH when I’m outside. I can see index.php page, I set up my router to forward port 80(DietPi) to port 8080. So, if I type (or other files in /var/www) I can see everything but I can’t access to :blush:

You sure about that? I can see files in /var/www but not in my hdd.