Username and Password Showing Up in Banner at Boot Up

On boot up, the DietPi banner displays my username and password. Undesirable! How can I fix this? Does it suggest that something is misconfigured? If so, what?

Did a forum search before asking.


Only the default login details are show during login. You can change the root password with:
dietpi-config > Security options > Password


Thanks for the suggestion.

I do know how to change user passwords. That is not at issue. Rather, I do not want my password and username to display in the DietPi banner on boot. This information It shows at the bottom of the banner and just above the shebang on boot up. My query is about how to stop that default behavior.

I will try to capture the boot screen with the undesired information partially redacted as evidence of the problem.

I think that what Fourdee is saying is that your password and username are NOT shown in the boot up process.

What it is shown in the boot up process are the DEFAULT username and password, the same information that could be found on Google. Which I did not notice but I think it is a great idea, so you don’t have to Google that if you are as impatient as I am.

I found this post because I wanted to remove the information on my installation as well.

You can edit the /DietPi/dietpi/postboot file. Around line 55 you’ll see the text. You can put a # at the front of the line to comment it out.

As others said, after an update you may have to do this again.


Thanks for sharing, jep that is possible but reverted with dietpi-update.

We could change it a way that this is only printed on first login prompt. Afterwards users are anyway asked to change their password and they will know how to login then, what you think?

And for security concerns mentioned before, indeed its only the default password, that you are asked to change during firstrun setup, not the actual password that you applied :wink:. But indeed this is only useful for the very first login.

Thanks but now I came up with another question.

Eckhart says problems can only exist in time past and future but I can easily think I dont have a pretty girlfriend now. Just an example, lol.

So what does that problem have to do with time?

Login banner from now on shows default login credentials only on first boot: