User Accounts for DietPi

Hello everyone,

I am currently having issues using SMB shares that are not public. Normally It works with the “dietpi” account but it does not work at most and says something like active connection of the same name or somewhat similar.

My question is, does dietpi allow creating new users? Aside from using root or dietpi, is there a way to make a new user with password, and how to list users to check if it was created with no issue.

You can use the adduser command.

access to SAMBA should be possible with every user available on operating system level. You just need to configure them within smb.conf

Please give ma a command for terminal how to list the users in my dieatpi. I cant seem to have it working using other linux commands like “Cat”

Are you having a problem with permissions or making a new user? Or you made a new user and forgot the name(s) so you don’t know who to give permission?

And you tried
cat /etc/passwd and cat /etc/passwd | grep home and
awk -F : '/home/ {print $1}' /etc/passwd | sort got them off Google.

Maybe you should start with a basic guide for user management on Linux to get a better understanding

This should give an idea on operating system user and groups. Once you created a new user, you can add them to your SAMBA configuration file smb.conf

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