USB WLan stick for the RPi 4

I have mounted an RPi 4 in a metal case on a monitor with a VESA 100 mount. Understandably, WiFi is mediocre.
Therefore I am looking for a USB WiFi stick which can be recognized and used by DietPi v8.25 64bit without much effort.
I would then like to plug this into a USB2.0 or 3.0 port in order to establish a WiFi connection via it.
Of course you could also connect and use an access port via Ethernet, but I would have liked to keep it very compact.
Does anyone know of such a stick and if it is still available from a large mail order company, I would be pleased to receive information.

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Thanks for the link. In the meantime, however, I may have managed to integrate an adapter into DietPi. There were instructions from the manufacturer.
But now I still have a problem:
How do I solve it elegantly to change wlan0 to wlan1?
Which screw do I have to turn here?

Have a look into /etc/network/interfaces. Best would be to create a new/own configuration file within /etc/network/interfaces.d

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As I don’t want to use both network cards at the same time, I have deactivated the internal WLAN under dietpi-config.
Now wlan1 seems to have become wlan0 and everything works.
Is it supposed to be that simple or is this a messy solution?

The first adapter available will become wlan0.

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In our new blog post DietPi’s WiFi HotSpot – Part 1 we show a couple of WiFi adapters working out of the box.
See the table in chapter 4 and the hardware on the photo in the post.

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Thanks for your und tip.